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When Guests Become Friends

Terrance Pekny1949 - 2022When guests become friends  We are so lucky to have some wonderful winter guests who stay with us year after year in a few of our homes – they moved with us when we started Grayt 30A and continue to grace us with their pre... View the full post »

Naturally South Walton

    Did you know that there are FOUR state parks in South Walton, plus the 15,000-acre Point Washington State Forest? This is in addition to our 15 rare, coastal dune lakes and our beautiful Choctawhatchee Bay. How can you EVER find the time to experience everyth... View the full post »

Sargassum ~ June Grass...What is it?

It might be annoying but... What is it? SARGASSUM!!! Sargassum is a floating alga that is beneficial in lots of ways. It serves as a nursery of sorts for baby sea turtles and several fish species. It provides food and camouflaged shelter, ... View the full post »

Sea Turtles along 30A!

Sea Turtle Nesting Season is May - October Sea turtle nesting season has started. During the months of May through October, endangered sea turtles make their way to South Walton's beaches to build their nests.Later in the summer and in the early fall, the t... View the full post »

Complimentary Park Admission

It's official! Per the Walton County Tourism Department, "summer visitors to Walton County will once again be able to enjoy complimentary day-use admission to Grayton Beach State Park and Topsail Hill Preserve State Park from Memorial Day through Labor Day."It has become an annu... View the full post »

Safety on and off the Beaches of 30A

With our beaches becoming more and more populated with visitors each year, we thought we’d share some laws, rules and etiquettes that are expected to be followed while vacationing in South Walton. Be aware – Be alert - Be safe!BicyclesBicycles are a fun and increasingly popular wa... View the full post »

Spring Break Savings

20% savings on limited openings  There are a few openings left on the Spring Break calendar. Check your calendar against ours and see if you can get here and enjoy the fun. Not much more time before it all starts so act now. 

Have you ever been to Seagrove Beach?

Bet you'd like milly mae's cottage  Old Seagrove Beach is a wonderful place and Milly Mae's Cottage is a wonderful base from which to explore it. New on our rental program, this cottage offers a super family friendly beach vacation experience. This home sleeps ei... View the full post »

Beach Gear Credit!

Beach Gear Credit – Included with the Rental of MOST of Our Vacation Homes!Included in the rental of our vacation homes (except Magnolia Honeymoon Cottage) is a $40 per night Beach Gear credit (up to $560 for a 2-week stay). What can I get with this credit,... View the full post »

Grayton Beach History

The Story of Grayton Beach is Full of Character and Characters… Here's some Al Capone trivia we bet you never knew!If you walk down one of Grayton Beach’s oyster-shell roads, you may have the feeling things don’t change very fast here. Pine and oak trees surro... View the full post »

A Grayt visit to San Antonio, Texas!

A Grayt learning experience!Three representatives of the Grayt Team just returned from the annual Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) International meeting in San Antonio, Texas very excited about the experience. Visiting the historic Alamo Fort and walking along the famed San A... View the full post »

Dune Watch

SoWal tells the Dune Watch story! This beach house is the real thing. Read about Dune Watch and a little bit of Grayton Beach history on We consider SoWal to be the most authentic voice for the 30A community and they always have been. We are pleased they pick... View the full post »

People say the nicest things about...Moondance!

Another Grayt Vacationer tells us... "Absolutely wonderful experience.  From booking, to beach gear, to the place itself, it was an amazing vacation.  I've been to the beach and that area many times, including living in PCB for about 3 years, and this was one ... View the full post »

Little Homes Hold the Biggest Memories…a September post from the Beach

This month we wanted to feature two of our smallest homes, both of which have been owned by the same family for many decades…and both of which the next generation have taken over and completely remodeled to become their own!Artless Sprite – The Covell family go way... View the full post »

Have you ever seen a Sea Turtle?

While you are visiting South Walton, you may have the opportunity to see a nest. We are blessed to share the beach with Sea Turtles and we do our best to love and protect them. We know you will want to help.From May to October South Walton's beautiful beaches are the nesting... View the full post »