A Grayt visit to San Antonio, Texas!

A Grayt learning experience!

Three representatives of the Grayt Team just returned from the annual Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) International meeting in San Antonio, Texas very excited about the experience. Visiting the historic Alamo Fort and walking along the famed San Antonio River Walk is always fun and the conference offered the opportunity to share with other professionals, learn from presenters and speakers that serve in our industry. The VRMA conference empowers members to deliver exceptional guest hospitality and homeowner satisfaction, and it provides certification training for member companies in the vacation rental industry. Our Grayt team has been in the vacation rental industry for many, many years and we know there is always more to learn.

Jorgi, Daniel and David arrived early to take advantage of the many entertaining sightseeing opportunities before the busy 2 1/2 day conference started. Thank you San Antonio for a Grayt time! The Monday morning keynote speaker shared a hilarious dance video he had recorded with his adult daughter during last winter's difficult Dallas Freeze-In, and then delivered his presentation focusing on developing a culture for creativity that leads to confidence and success. He also reminded everyone that appreciation should be more widely expressed to everyone.  Lessons we've all learned, but punctuated during a week "trapped" in his house with his family due to Mother Nature. All circumstances are opportunities to develop and learn something about ourselves and others in our lives. He did a good job setting the stage for the next 48 hours at VRMA.

After the keynote address, our three amigos split up and spread out into more than 20 different sessions.  Topics featured guest relations, owner relations, business strategy, marketing, operations (HK, laundry/maintenance, personnel) and technology.  It might surprise you how much goes on behind the scene while you enjoy a beach vacation. We want to keep it that way. Fun Fact: We covered more than 6 miles a day on foot inside the Gonzalez Convention Center - its Texas, everything is so BIG!

Next year's conference is scheduled for Las Vegas.  We look forward to sending another team, but doubtful there will be a blog entry about it - "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".

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