Endless Summer ... an August post from the SoWal Beaches!

Endless Summer…From movies to license plates to flowers, the term has become a part of our everyday language. 

The English Definition Dictionary defines Endless Summer as having or seeming to have no end; eternal, or infinite. From the movie of the same name, it means that, if one had enough time and money, it would be possible to follow the summer up and down the world (northern to southern hemisphere and back) – didn’t that create quite the surf culture in its time?? In the state of Florida, residents can purchase the Endless Summer license plates for their vehicles, the proceeds of which are the primary funding source for Surfing’s Evolution and Preservation Foundation. And then there are the beautiful Endless Summer hydrangeas, which you prune only in May to ensure the flower buds that have made it through the winter have emerged to last throughout the summer months, all the way to November.

Here at the beach, our summer rate season typically ends the first week of August, as kids across the nation begin their school year…but we’re never quite ready for it to end. It’s still sunny and hot through September. No more waiting for a table in our local restaurants! Easier to find a spot on the sugar white sand where we can sit and enjoy the music of the Gulf!  There's lot less traffic! And, best of all, lower prices on vacation homes…which we just happen to have!

Join us through October 31st in welcoming this much-anticipated Endless Summer…and enjoy a 15% discount off a nice selection of our vacation homes, most of which have just a 4-night minimum stay requirement and offer flexible arrival/departure days. 

Just like the flower, join us at the beach and bloom for just a little while longer. We’d love to have you…and, we have a feeling you’ll love being here!

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