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Grayton Beach History at Artless Sprite

SoWal features Artless Sprite When the owners of Artless Sprite renovated it, they made it comfy with modern updates and clean design but they didn't change everything. They left the delightful history and character intact. This house is full of stories. Read about it here. ... View the full post »

Gulf House - Beach front in Grayton Beach

Gulf House - a Grayt Beach Vacation With extraordinary views, lots of room and casual beach elegance, this home is perfect for a beach vacation. It's safe to say that Grayton Beach has made all the "best beach" lists on one year or another.  A beach vacation at Gul... View the full post »

Catching up on this and that.

This is a Grayt snapshot... While catching up on some internal housekeeping, we remembered this really nice article about Grayt 30A Vacations written way back in January. If you want to know a little bit more about us, it's a quick read. 1