A Special Grayton Beach Trip - A Wish Fulfilled

Beautiful fall sunsets over the Grayton State Park dunes and uninterrupted views of the Gulf of Mexico lapping at the beach sands are everyday occurrences here. While we don't control those daily miracles we certainly recognize and appreciate their soothing power. Honoring the request of a beloved family member, our recent Grayton Beach guests made an excellent choice in selecting Dune Watch for their stay. This simple, historic beach cottage on Pine Street, with western-facing porches at the edge of Grayton Beach State Park provided a lovely setting for their beach trip and the fulfillment of a wish. 

Beach access is easy for most of us, but when the body grows weary there are alternatives like beach mobility chairs to help a person get down to the beach regardless of their condition. Our friends at Beach Powered Mobility were an excellent resource for a motorized beach chair that provided comfortable and easy access to the powdery white sands of Grayton Beach. Zac Ard at Captain Zac's Beach Service pulled together a spectacular fire and light show for our guests arrival, starting off a peaceful 5-night stay.  The evening bonfire outlasted the orange and pink hues in the sunset sky and kept them warm when the sun had set on the late summer day. Our relationship with these vendors allowed us to participate in this honor trip and helped create the avenues for memories to travel generationally for this special family.

Their experience was a reminder for all of us to make the most of the days we are given, and to write stories that endure. There is no question their story made an impression on us.

Whether a trip to the beaches along 30A is simply a vacation to get away from it all, or a trip to memorialize the best things in life for all the branches of your family tree to have a special place of remembrance, we are here to help.  

Enjoy your best life now, and the best parts of your life everyday.  

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