Cottage 62 in Old Seagrove

Cottage 62 is adorable. 
Located on Canal Street, it's off the beaten path just a little bit but nearby several places you will like being close to when vacationing along 30A.


1. Of course the beach. It is an easy, fun walk from Cottage 62 to Seagrove Beach. The shady trees and sandy roads make the walk just a little bit magical.  

2. Seagrove Market. That's our favorite place for a fish sandwich and it is on the way to the beach, or on the way back depending on how you plan your day. 

3. Publix in Watercolor is really close and when you are on vacation, let's face it, someone always needs something. 

4. Right next door to Seaside, FL, Seagrove is just about the midway point along the 30A corridor so it's easy to get to other towns if you like to explore. Or just park the car and let it be. Walking and biking around Seagrove and Seaside you will find everything you need.

5. Cottage 62 is a classic beach house, owned by the same family who lovingly remodeled top to bottom. It is a great example of modern beach casual; really nicely appointed.

If you have any questions about the home, just give us a call.


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