Travel Insurance and the Coronavirus

We’ve had some folks inquire about travel insurance covering the coronavirus, so we thought we’d share this information from Red Sky, our travel insurance provider:

Guests are protected and will be reimbursed if their stay dates are affected by the diagnosis of coronavirus that restricts their travel, a traveling companion’s travel, or a family member.  A coronavirus diagnosis is seen as a sickness.  The “concern, fear, or hesitancy to travel” because of the news and existence of the coronavirus is not a covered event which will reimburse a guest cancelling their vacation plans.

If a guest or Traveling Companion is subject to a documented quarantine because of the coronavirus that affects their vacation stay dates, they may cancel or interrupt their vacation and be reimbursed.  A US airline cancelling flights from a specific location (China) into the US because of the coronavirus is NOT a covered reason for cancellation.  The flight cancellations are defined as a travel ban and are not a documented quarantine.

In the event you would like more detail and more discussion about this situation please call our toll-free number (1-866-889-7409). We are glad to help address this question.  Unfortunately, there is not a benefit that addresses a guest’s concern or fear, just a diagnosed sickness or quarantine that affects their ability to travel on their stay dates.

Another option to our guests is to visit and purchase a “cancel for any reason” travel insurance policy. While this type of policy is a little more expensive, it is worth it for peace of mind.

Please note – travel insurance through Red Sky is available for purchase through us ONLY PRIOR TO YOUR FINAL BALANCE PAYMENT. Once your final balance has been paid, it is no longer available. If you have booked (and paid in full) to arrive within 90 days, our travel insurance is not available.

And just a reminder on our cancellation policy - within 90 days of your arrival date, your reservation is non-refundable for any reason…so we very strongly suggest the purchase of travel insurance if you may be uncertain of any circumstance that may cause your travel dates to be affected.


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